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“After offering guidance and consulting on Fintech products and investment decisions to over a 100 analysts and directors at PE and VC firms, two dozen startups and a handful of corporations I decided to launch Fintech Next. A firm rooted in experience and success, like none other.” – Sheela Ursal Founder Fintech Next

We are a uniquely formulated venture builder that works along side you to build and grow Fintech products and services. In Finance and Technology networks matter.

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We connect you to people, process or pieces of the industry that drive value for your business. Working with us can take your business to the next level in the most efficient way. Please get in touch with us to see if we can advise, partner, collaborate with you to produce results that matter to you. We are only a click away. 


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Sheela always has her client’s best interest in mind. She helped out greatly with a few key introductions for my startup and continues providing her expert advice in the world of fintech. It was obvious how much experience Sheela has accumulated and is willing to share from our very first meeting. I am looking forward to our future collaboration, making a positive impact on today’s financial ecosystem.

Kat Gordiienko

CEO, Maiven

Sheela has been an incredibly helpful advisor to our fintech startup. I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with Sheela for the past year. Her knowledge of the payments space and her insight into fintech product development have been a huge help to my team and I. These are difficult waters to navigate and her ability to drill down on crucial details is a lifesaver. If you’re a fintech in need of guidance, working with Sheela will produce great results!

Peter Garrett

CEO, ModFi

Sheela is a refreshing agent of change in the FinTech community. While many speak about change, Sheela puts her efforts to actually making it happen. She combines a great level of enthusiasm for the FinTech sector, a deep knowledge of the payments space specifically, and endless hustle which has made her an invaluable resource to me personally. Moreover, Sheela brings unparalleled industry insights from years of experience in evaluating the landscape for various FinTech verticals. I’ve been impressed with her knowledge across the spectrum and am certain she’s saved more than a few entrepreneurs from taking dead-end paths. Put simply – “she knows where pitfalls are in FinTech” and is happy to impart that wisdom throughout her network.

Brian Murphy

Co-Founder and CEO, Kivalia

Sheela helped incubate my fintech idea alongside some of the best minds in Silicon Valley! She organized the best events, brought together wonderful folks from across industries that shared a passion for fintech, and advised me on the best path forward. As a first-time entrepreneur, I am deeply grateful for Sheela’s support. She’s always in your corner! 

Jaimin Desai

CEO, Reconcile Money

Sheela is a seasoned Fintech executive. She has a rare combination of being able to see big trends and to pay close attention to detail. She has helped us to refine our product development strategy and made significant contributions at each step along the way. Sheela has a lot to offer to early stage businesses – excited to hear about what’s next for her new venture!

Paz Rheinstein

President, ModFi

  reason to

Work with us  


01. Startups

We understand startups are unique, and so are the founders. They all come with varying experiences and backgrounds. They aren’t looking for a mini-MBA; they are looking for concrete guidance.  They work with us because we offer specialized advice and guidance.

2. corporations

We aren’t another run of the mill program. Corporate not looking a solution recommendation, but hand-holding through the POC. KPI and strategic alignment process. There is little value in startup introductions  unless it is tied to  achieving a result keeping in mind long term. 

3. Accelerators

We are maniacally focused on the Fintech domain and have the potential to deliver superior results. Our domain focus makes us stand out and gives us the ability to partner with accelerators and venture firms to bring that focus to their portfolio companies

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Team Of Professionals

Sheela Ursal


Experienced professional in digital products with a focus on Fintech, eCommerce, and payments. 

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Of experience in financial service and technology professionals with proven success. More details to follow.